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Steel Welding Machine

3D automatic production line, which uses a touch screen PLC control system, pneumatic or step motor as the driving force, it automatically through the equipment oblique inserting, cutting, flat mesh and foam board strict positioning, oblique inserting thread and flat net welding to Steel wire rack to complete the production of polystyrene sandwich panels. Automation, high efficiency, low weld, solder joint strength, uniform, good flatness of products, low production costs.

Steel Welding Machine Main Features:

1. Equipment will be horizontal and vertical wire welded into steel wire mesh sheet (mesh width of 1200mm, mesh size 50X50mm or 50X 100mm);

2. With PLC control system for automatic wire straightening, cutting;

3.A-type device with mechanical transmission;

4.B-type equipment with the overall pneumatic system to ensure stable operation of equipment, high reliability, long life, equipment wire with overall pneumatic clamping device;

5. Transverse wire straightening and cut off by the whole system, stable operation and high accuracy;

6. With automatic alarm device, easy to operate and maintain;

7. According to the length of pre-mesh automatically cut off the network chip carts.

Steel Welding Machine

Wire diameter: 1.8-2.8mm
Distance between the two mesh sheets: 70 mm -150 mm
Wire mesh width max. : 1200 mm
Gap between the welded mesh and the core: 13mm or 19mm
EPS plate material: Flame retardant polystyrene foam board or rock wool
EPS plate thickness: 66mm, 78 mm, 96mm, 108mm, 126 mm, 138mm
Wire inserting structure: Sparse or dense inserted in two sides or single side
3D panel length: min.: 2000 mm max. : 3000 mm
Welding leakage rate: = 3%
Output: 360m ²/8 hours
Welding strength: = 450N/ welding point
Air supply: 3 m3/min, 0.8-1Mpa
Related power: 36KVA
Fixed part of the main machine (L ×W ×H) 6,900mm �1,860mm �1,700mm
Length of main machine plus movable support of both sides 3,400+6,900+3,400= 13,700mm
Weight of main machine 4,500kg