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Fiberglass geogrid

Geogrid made of high molecular polymer after extruded and laminated and punched into regular mesh before longitudinal stretching. This process makes high molecule in direct line state in oblong oval net structure with uniform distribution and high node intensity. This structure has rather high tensile strength and stretch modulus, especially our products of this kind have superior world class tensile strength and stretch modulus with extensibility between 2% and 5%The soil offers ideal force carrying and diffusing chain system. It has large tensile strength (>150Mpa), and is suitable for different kinds of soil. It is a prevailing reinforcement material.

Geogrid is kind of high strength geosynthetic. It has extensive applications in dyke, tunnel, pier, highway, railway and building.

Its main applications are as follows:
1. Enhance roadbed and effectively diffuse its load to improve its stability and bearing capacity and increase service life;
2. Can bear more alternate load; 
3. Prevent roadbed distortion and crack caused by the loss of roadbed materials;
4. Increase the self-supporting property of fill behind retaining wall, decrease the earth pressure of retaining wall, save cost, increase service life and reduce maintenance expense;
5. Combine anchor sprouting concrete construction method to give side slope maintenance, which not only saves investment by 30%-50% but also reduces erection time by one time or above.
6. To increase geogrid in the roadbed and surface of highways can reduce flexure, track and put off the flawing appearance by 3-9 folds and reduce the thickness of structural layer by 36%
7. It is applicable to any kind of soil, not necessary to draw material from other place, saving time and labor;
8. Simple and rapid construction will greatly reduce construction cost.