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Dutch Wire Cloth  
Materials: Stainless steel wire, low carbon steel wire or other metal materials.
Weaving Types: Dutch Plain weave, Dutch Twill weave, Dutch Reverse Weave, etc.
Features: Dutch woven wire cloth offers fine filtration and stable performance.
Applications: Used in filtration in the field of chemical industry, oil, pharmacy, airspace and other applications.


Wire Dia. (MM)

Material (AISI)

12mesh x 64mesh

0.58 x 0.40

304 or 316

24mesh x 110mesh

0.36 x 0.25

304 or 316

14mesh x 88mesh

0.50 x 0.33

304 or 316

30mesh x 150mesh

0.23 x 0.18

304 or 316

40mesh x 200mesh

0.18 x 0.13

304 or 316

50mesh x 250mesh

0.14 x 0.11

304 or 316

80mesh x 700mesh

0.10 x 0.08

304 or 316

165mesh x 800mesh

0.071 x 0.040

304 or 316

165mesh x 1400mesh

0.06 x 0.04

304 or 316

200mesh x 1800mesh

0.05 x 0.032

304 or 316

825mesh x 2300mesh

0.035 x 0.025


400mesh x 2800mesh

0.030 x 0.02


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